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TSA finds app success in being responsive and playful

Public-facing mobile apps made by federal agencies do well when they adapt to public usage and when they have a little fun, said the Lynn Dean, senior advisor to the deputy administrator at the Transportation Security Administration.

DHS to publish mobile security playbook in May

A checklist of mobile device security standards to guide agencies on when to allow or restrict data and who that data can be shared with will be published this May, said panelists at a recent ACT-IAC event. The standards will provide recommendations for securing the devices for common uses in multiple types of environments.

PTO Wi-Fi put critical systems at risk

The Patent and Trademark Office put its critical operational systems at risk when it connected an unsecure wireless network to its core network without implementing security controls, says the Commerce Department's office of inspector general.In a Feb. 1 report (.pdf) auditors say PTO was unable to assess the risk of connecting the wireless network because it "did not identify, implement and document security controls required" to protect its systems while the wireless network was tested or after it was left connected.

CBP wants smartphone scanners for people, documents

The Homeland Security Department is seeking input on smartphone peripheral devices that officers can use to read travel documents, driver's licenses, cargo labels and biometric data, according to a DHS request for information. The RFI wants to know of connectivity for iPhones, Android devices and BlackBerry phones.