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Agencies embrace mobile, but apps need to prove effectiveness

The importance of mobile devices is plenty apparent now, but federal agencies should be cautious and make sure they can get value out of building native mobile apps, says the General Services Administration on its DigitalGov blog.

Paper cutouts central to redesign

For the team redesigning the homepage for mobile devices, creating a prototype using pieces of paper and manila folders wasn't just a cheap way to test out the changes.

NPSTC document outlines high standards for FirstNet

The forthcoming nationwide public safety broadband network needs to be reliable enough to gain the trust of first responders, says a new guidance document from the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council that outlines standards for the network.

Restricted spectrum auction advocates dismiss AT&T, Verizon worries

Advocates for a spectrum auction where the Federal Communications Commission sets aside some spectrum specifically for smaller carriers expressed disbelief during a recent panel discussion that the restrictions would hurt the auction.

Cellphone conversation interception grows more accessible as policy debate lags

As the technology for intercepting cellular communications becomes cheaper and more accessible, law enforcement and intelligence agencies need to open up about the security vulnerabilities that allow for interception, says a forthcoming article from the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology.

Franken highlights dangers on smartphone fingerprint scanners

"Unlike passwords, fingerprints cannot be changed. If hackers get hold of a digital copy of your fingerprint, they could use it to impersonate you for the rest of your life, particularly as more and more technologies start relying on fingerprint authentication," his letter says.

FirstNet seeks new board members

The board was originally appointed in August 2012. To stagger the end of their tenures, some members were appointed to serve for only one or two years, instead of the full three.

Kennedy: FirstNet needs industry cooperation

"This is too important to bicker over. It's too important to just look for your one win out of what we have to do," said FirstNet's acting general manager.

Supreme Court hears arguments in cellphone privacy cases

Police don't need a warrant to look through the papers and photographs that individuals have in their possession at the time of arrest. "I'm not sure that the expansion of volume increases the invasion of privacy," argued Edward DuMont, California's solicitor general. "The digital format should not make a difference."

GSA touts mobility expense management solutions

As part of its mobile device expense management program, the General Services Administration recently launched a guide for agencies and list of companies offering expense management products.