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Latest Headlines

Crowdsource testing yields mobile content best practices

After almost two years of testing federal mobile websites, the General Services Administration's mobile crowdsource compatibility testing program, has gathered best practices for agencies developing their mobile content strategy.

GSA highlights top five mobile design trends this year

As mobile device usage rapidly escalates, user preferences and habits are changing as quickly – and designers are trying to keep pace. The GSA's DigitalGov blog posted the top five app design trends this year, adding these trends are important for federal agencies, too.

Researcher looks to bring cellphone-based forensic technology to the field

New technology being tested at the University of Central Florida could soon help law enforcement and federal agents administer field tests on suspected narcotics more quickly and cheaply.

FDA workforce using mobile technology for reporting, inspections

The Food and Drug Administration is supporting its many field workers with mobile technology that helps them file reports and inspect goods on the go, said Joe Klosky, senior technical advisor at the FDA.

NIST details how organizations can vet mobile apps to detect software vulnerabilities

The guide called "Vetting the Security of Mobile Applications" helps organizations understand and implement security requirements and an app vetting process to evaluate how secure they are.

GSA highlights Spanish-language apps

Spanish-speakers, particularly Hispanic millennials, have some of the highest mobile adoption rates in the country – a fact that makes multilingual mobile content all the more important.

mHealth apps need better security and privacy controls to gain wider usage, new paper says

Information security and privacy concerns are likely impeding the widespread use of thousands of mobile health applications since an overwhelming majority require access to sensitive personal data.

Agency mobility leads call for streamlined commercial app vetting

"As an agency, there's no way I can wade through hundreds of thousands of applications and there needs to be some risk management that industry comes up with," said Walter Bigalow, chief of IT services management at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Federal lab develops mobile version of biodetection tech product guide

A federal research lab has developed a mobile version of a product guide to help first responders make better decisions when acquiring commercially available, hand-portable biodetection technologies.

New mobile app will help people learn about EMF health risks

As wireless technologies become more prevalent such as during the expansion of a country's mobile network infrastructure, there has been a growing concern about the possible health risks from EMF, including the use of mobile phones and living near base stations.