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Latest Headlines

DigitalGov posts tips for negotiating terms of service agreements for agency-built mobile apps

Coordination among the team, establishing timelines and collaborating with a larger mobile community are three essential tips for negotiating terms of service agreements when federal agencies are ready to launch their native mobile apps.

Malware that infected iOS apps has roots in CIA project, says report

The malicious software, called XcodeGhost, infects an app developer's computer and then is incorporated into any app made, without their knowledge. It's a technique first demonstrated at the Central Intelligence Agency's annual top-secret Jamboree conference in 2012.

New app aims to help first responders conduct better search and rescue operations

The Science and Technology Directorate's First Responders Group said the "Lost Person Behavior" app, which was released in the spring, provides search guidance, protocols and strategies that are used by specialized search and rescue teams.

FAA, MITRE hope mobile app can help address general aviation safety issues in long run

In the past year, only a couple of hundred users have downloaded a prototype of a free mobile device app that's designed to help private aircraft pilots record digital flight data with the aim of improving safety. But the app's developer said it gives federal regulators a start to better address general aviation safety issues.

Before you fly your drones, new FAA app can help inform you of restrictions

Model aircraft hobbyists and other drone users can tap into a new government smartphone application that will give them information on whether it's safe and legal to fly their vehicles at a particular location.

How a modular approach can future-proof digital content

Modularity is a web design concept that has benefits far beyond the desktop world, according to a recent post from the General Services Administration's DigitalGov team.

Robot or legit? FTC awards $25K to winning mobile app that fights robocalls

The competition, announced in early March by the agency, offered cash prizes for technical solutions to help fight robocalls using a honeypot, which is an information system that can be used by government, private and academic partners to lure and analyze robocalls.

Government uses document-based workflow apps at higher rate than other sectors, index says

Government employees are pushing less and less paper as the public sector outpaces all other industries in the adoption of mobile document editing and document access apps, according to Good Technology's latest quarterly mobility index report.

DoD looks for adaptable, resilient mobile solutions

Enterprise-grade mobile devices and applications might not fit the needs of the military's health organizations right off the shelf, according to two officials who spoke July 31 at a Health Summit hosted by AFCEA International's DC chapter.

GSA offers recommendations to help agencies keep mobile websites, apps out of the 'graveyard'

Since development of mobile information, products and services is a continuously evolving process, federal agencies and others can follow these recommendations to make sure their mobile websites and apps stay relevant.