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Latest Headlines

House panel white paper seeks feedback on federal telecommunications subsidy program

The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently released a fifth white paper designed to spur discussion around the structure and effectiveness of the Universal Service Fund, a program that provides affordable telecommunications service to people in rural areas and others.

Reddit users respond to congresswoman's contest to rebrand 'net neutrality'

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) said the Reddit contest will bring some clarity to a confusing legal debate before the Federal Communications Commission finalizes its proposed net neutrality rules.

Democrats pushing FCC to let municipalities build own broadband networks, preempt state laws

Two congressional Democrats are continuing to urge federal regulators to allow communities to build their own broadband networks, preempting several state laws that prevent such initiatives.

DOT says vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology could save lives, seeks input on plan

Federal transportation regulators are seeking input on a plan that would enable new passenger vehicles to wirelessly exchange information with nearby vehicles, potentially preventing about 600,000 crashes a year.

Study: Tribal libraries lag behind rest of US in providing Internet, other digital products and services

A new national study has found that libraries in Native American communities trail the rest of the United States in providing access to computers, high-speed Internet service and other digital products and services.

TV broadcasters file lawsuit against FCC over incentive auction

The National Association of Broadcasters Aug. 18 filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission over certain parts of the agency's incentive auction order that would make television broadcast spectrum available to wireless providers.

Usage-based Internet pricing policies could leave customers in the lurch, GAO finds

The Federal Communications Commission needs to consider how Internet service providers charge customers for broadband use, a preliminary report by the Government Accountability Office found.

U.S. may be well positioned to make transition to 5G cellular networks, report finds

Several countries are actively engaged in helping telecommunications providers research and develop Fifth Generation, or 5G, mobile communications technology, but the United States may have the competitive edge over the next decade, a new report finds.

FCC circulating proposal that bars combined spectrum auction bids by largest carriers

The Federal Communications Commission is circulating a proposal that would ban Sprint and T-Mobile from jointly bidding on a spectrum auction next year. Roger Sherman, the agency's wireless telecommunications bureau chief, wrote in an agency blog that it needs to expand opportunities for small businesses in wireless auctions, which is difficult when more than 95 percent of current customers are served by the four biggest providers.

Verizon pushes back on FCC over practice of throttling network traffic

Verizon Wireless is pushing back on the Federal Communications Commission after its chairman criticized the mobile operator for extending a policy that would limit connection speeds for its a select subset of its heaviest users during peak network congestion.