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Latest Headlines

State Dept. looks to industry for full-service mobile device, cellular program

The State Department's bureau of information resource management is exploring how an industry partner could help it better issue and manage its mobile devices and cellular services.

FCC opens 600 MHz band to more unlicensed use, adopts wireless mic rules

Federal communications regulators last week approved rules that would give unlicensed devices access to both the 600 megahertz and television broadcast bands as well as ensure that wireless microphone users get continued access to the spectrum and expanded access to other bands.

FirstNet board to consider $126M proposed FY2016 budget that includes RFP release

Under the First Responder Network Authority's finance committee approval of funding guidance, $86 million will go toward acquisition activities such as finalizing and evaluating the RFP and establishing a spectrum relocation grant program "to ensure unencumbered spectrum for the network."

DoD looks for adaptable, resilient mobile solutions

Enterprise-grade mobile devices and applications might not fit the needs of the military's health organizations right off the shelf, according to two officials who spoke July 31 at a Health Summit hosted by AFCEA International's DC chapter.

Efforts to beef up wireless workforce target veterans, other underserved groups

To help supply the demand for workers in the wireless industry, public- and private-sector entities are joining forces.

NTIA, FCC almost halfway to spectrum target

Midway through a 10-year effort to make more spectrum available to meet increased wireless connectivity demands, the government is nearly halfway to its goal.

Joint NIST, NTIA program drawing industry to help test public safety communications network

More than three dozen telecommunications companies have signed up to participate in an independent test bed to evaluate advanced broadband equipment and software for first responders.

Gallup poll finds that most Americans keep their phones by their sides, continually check them

Specifically, the polling organization found that half of all Americans who own smartphones check their devices several times an hour if not more frequently, while another fifth say they only check their phone about once an hour. 

FirstNet helping to develop mobile communications systems as part of nationwide network

The organization building an interoperable broadband communications network for police, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders wants to develop mobile systems that would provide temporary coverage for emergency personnel when they're outside the network.

FCC chairman calls for more competition ahead of incentive auction

"The job of the FCC is to exercise its authority with both discretion and determination so that technology, competition, investment and consumer empowerment are able to work together to reach our nation's broadband goals," Chairman Tom Wheeler told the Brookings Institution June 26.