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Latest Headlines

Broadcasters to FCC: TV white spaces database design flaws put licensed users at risk

The database's purpose is to identify channels that TV stations and others are using so that unlicensed TV band devices don't cause interference.

Authorized access to FirstNet communications network, devices is key during development

A new report that lays out 10 principles for developing a network access and credentialing strategy will be considered by the First Responder Network Authority as it plans development of a nationwide public safety communications network.

Tens of thousands of UK residents, businesses own mobile phones but live in 'not-spots'

An overwhelming number of households in the United Kingdom own at least one mobile phone and have access to voice and text services, but at least 80,000 households are in "not-spots" – particularly rural areas without any mobile phone coverage.

Swenson: GAO's FirstNet cost 'built on assumptions'; board confident in own estimate

FirstNet chairwoman Susan Swenson says the Government Accountability Office's estimate that it will cost anywhere from $12 billion to $47 billion to build and operate the network in its first decade is built on multiple assumptions.

FirstNet OKs second public notice focused on roles, responsibilities of group, states

The First Responder Network Authority, known as FirstNet, is currently meeting with various state, local, tribal and other organizations as it develops plans for the $7 billion interoperable public safety system.

FirstNet meets with tribal representatives as part of effort to build public safety, wireless network

They discussed collection of vital data from tribes, development of a education and outreach multimedia campaign as well as expanding the tribal working group to include representation from more groups such as the Navajo Nation.

NIST developing tools, methods for higher frequencies as mobile broadband demand rises

Researchers at the National Institute for Standards and Technology are developing tools and methods that provide better measurements for wireless channels at higher frequencies, which can significantly boost bandwidth and capacity for smartphone and tablet users.

Congressional lawmakers re-introduce legislation to boost unlicensed airwaves for Wi-Fi use

House and Senate lawmakers have re-introduced legislation that would direct federal regulators to study whether unlicensed spectrum can address the growing demand for wireless use. It would spur innovation, enhance economic development and provide more airwaves for public use, they maintain.

Question of FirstNet funding now moot, thanks to successful FCC spectrum auction

The Federal Communications Commission raised a staggering $44.9 billion in a recent wireless spectrum auction with some of the proceeds earmarked for the development of a nationwide, interoperable network for first responders.

The president's 2016 budget request: National Telecommunications and Information Administration

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration seeks $49 million in discretionary funding – a big jump in its modest budget to fund several spectrum and broadband intiatives across country.