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Latest Headlines

Efforts to beef up wireless workforce target veterans, other underserved groups

To help supply the demand for workers in the wireless industry, public- and private-sector entities are joining forces.

NTIA, FCC almost halfway to spectrum target

Midway through a 10-year effort to make more spectrum available to meet increased wireless connectivity demands, the government is nearly halfway to its goal.

Joint NIST, NTIA program drawing industry to help test public safety communications network

More than three dozen telecommunications companies have signed up to participate in an independent test bed to evaluate advanced broadband equipment and software for first responders.

Gallup poll finds that most Americans keep their phones by their sides, continually check them

Specifically, the polling organization found that half of all Americans who own smartphones check their devices several times an hour if not more frequently, while another fifth say they only check their phone about once an hour. 

FirstNet helping to develop mobile communications systems as part of nationwide network

The organization building an interoperable broadband communications network for police, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders wants to develop mobile systems that would provide temporary coverage for emergency personnel when they're outside the network.

FCC chairman calls for more competition ahead of incentive auction

"The job of the FCC is to exercise its authority with both discretion and determination so that technology, competition, investment and consumer empowerment are able to work together to reach our nation's broadband goals," Chairman Tom Wheeler told the Brookings Institution June 26.

FirstNet studying methods to improve location detection in tall buildings, underground

Pinpointing locations inside skyscrapers or in subway tunnels can be difficult even for first responders using mobile devices' location-based functions. Now, officials at the First Responder Network Authority, or FirstNet, are looking at ways to overcome those obstacles.

ITU establishes roadmap for development of 5G networks by 2020

The International Telecommunication Union has established a roadmap and timeline for the development of 5G mobile technology with a launch goal of 2020, says a June 19 ITU statement.

New poll finds 8% of California households dependent on smartphones for Internet access

Overall, the digital divide survey found that nearly four in five households, or 79 percent, have a broadband connection at home – including DSL, cable, satellite, fiber optic to a desktop, laptop or tablet computer and through a smartphone – up from 75 percent last year. 

FirstNet finds its footing, officials say

The First Responder Network Authority, known as FirstNet, continued its march through Congress this week with a stop at a House subcommittee, where officials largely lauded its progress.