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Latest Headlines

House bill seeks to open up additional unlicensed spectrum for WiFi devices

A new bipartisan House bill directs the Federal Communications Commission to determine if some spectrum bands can be set aside specifically for wireless devices such as laptop and tablet computers.

Wheeler: FCC to push for improved access, reliability for 911 calls

The Federal Communications Commission is moving to improve the reliability of emergency calls and add new, long-delayed capabilities such as emergency texting, the agency's chairman recently wrote in a blog post.

FCC needs more transparency, accountability in program providing rural telecom service, GAO says

Although the Federal Communications Commission has begun making funding reforms to a program to support both telephone and broadband service in rural areas, congressional investigators said the agency needs to do a better job in collecting and analyzing data to gauge the program's effectiveness.

FCC frees up more funding for wireless broadband deployments to schools and libraries

The Federal Communications Commission will add an additional $5 billion to a program to help provide high-speed, WiFi connections to every library and school in the United States.

FCC wants to fund wide range of experiments to help expand rural broadband service

Data collected from the various experiments will provide input into the FCC's broader effort to expand rural broadband through its Connect America Fund program.

Federal government seeks input on testing dynamic spectrum sharing

The Federal Communications Commission and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration issued a joint public notice July 11, seeking input in creating a so-called "Model City" program, which is an outgrowth of a White House report about how spectrum can be better used to spur economic growth.

FCC chairman pushes to expand wireless coverage to all US schools, libraries

The plan, proposed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, would pump an additional $5 billion into the commission's ongoing E-Rate program to extend high-speed WiFi services. His plan is slated for a vote on July 11.

Canada to auction mobile wireless spectrum in 2015

Next year the Canadian government will auction off more wireless spectrum to boost competition and cut mobile device costs. Beginning in 2015 the Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS-3) spectrum will be opened to wireless firms. According to Canadian government officials, AWS-3 is well suited for providing reliable high-speed connectivity for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

FCC's Clyburn: 600 MHz spectrum auction 'unique' opportunity, not a 'train wreck'

Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said the 600 megahertz spectrum auction slated for next year won't be a "train wreck," but an opportunity to re-purpose spectrum for...

FCC fines Chinese company almost $35M for marketing illegal signal jamming devices

The agency applied the maximum fine for each of the 285 models that C.T.S. Technology Co., Limited, marketed, the Federal Communications Commission said.