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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: FirstNet to issue RFI on radio access network, security, partnerships

The First Responder Network Authority will release a request for information Sept. 17 that will focus on the core radio access network, security and partnerships.

New study lauds US mobile broadband leadership, cautions impact of government policy

A new global study perches the United States high above other countries in mobile broadband innovation and performance, but warned that future policy actions on wireless availability and development could imperil the larger U.S. economy.

Municipalities, industry give thumbs up to federal 'Model City' initiative to test spectrum sharing

In public comments submitted to federal regulators, representatives from several municipalities, industry groups and other organizations strongly endorsed a government initiative to test and develop advanced technologies and techniques to share spectrum in a real-world setting.

Reddit users have their say on rebranding 'net neutrality'

What's a better name for "net neutrality," the principle to treat all Internet traffic equally? If Reddit users had their way, it would be "Freedom Against Internet Restrictions."

FCC head: TV broadcaster lawsuit against spectrum auction 'groundless'

In a speech at the CTIA-The Wireless Association convention in Las Vegas Sept. 9, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he was confident that the courts will side with the agency over the National Association of Broadcasters, which filed the suit three weeks ago.

Net neutrality supporters show 'spinning wheel of death' on websites, protesting FCC's fast-lane proposal

Video streaming service Netflix and other supporters, including Etsy, Kickstarter, Foursquaure, and Mozilla, will show the spinning icon, which generally indicates a slow-loading Internet-- although no website will actually be slowed down.

Board charged with building nationwide first-responder communications network gets new members

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker on Sept. 4 named four new state and local officials and experts and reappointed one to the congressionally mandated board overseeing the development of a high-speed, nationwide wireless network for public safety agencies.

FCC chairman: US needs greater broadband competition to drive innovation, consumer choice

The head of the Federal Communications Commission said "meaningful competition" for high-speed broadband is lacking in the United States, and his agency will do everything to protect competition where it exists and foster it where it doesn't

Governors to FCC: Don't preempt state laws prohibiting cities from deploying broadband networks

The National Governors Association urged federal regulators not to interfere with state laws that prohibit communities from building their own high-speed Internet networks.

House panel white paper seeks feedback on federal telecommunications subsidy program

The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently released a fifth white paper designed to spur discussion around the structure and effectiveness of the Universal Service Fund, a program that provides affordable telecommunications service to people in rural areas and others.