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Latest Headlines

Guidelines aim to prevent overloading of mobile networks

As applications and devices associated with the "Internet of Things" grow, they threaten to overload mobile networks. New guidelines offer methods to make sure that doesn't happen.

FCC proposes changes to small business competitive bidding

Proposed changes to the Federal Communications Commission's competitive bidding rules would facilitate small businesses' chances to participate, according to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

State Department tries to balance security with mobile access

The State Department is trying to satisfy demands for instantaneous mobile communications in every setting and provide more access to classified and sensitive networks at its facilities – priorities that can be at odds and impossible to do all the time, said a high-ranking departmental official.

White House officials propose spectrum allocation strategies

As wireless applications continue to multiply and make a mark on the economy, policy approaches to managing spectrum become more necessary, experts said. "I think we need to pursue a four-part strategy when it comes to spectrum,"  said  Jason Furman, chairman of the President's Council on Economic Advisers.

FCC helps TV broadcasters do their homework on incentive auction

As a way to better educate TV broadcasters about next year's spectrum auction, federal regulators said they've sent out information packages that explain the auction process, bidding options, compensation estimates and tax implications.

FCC proposal would give unlicensed users space in TV spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed to change rules that permit devices to operate on unused portions of the TV broadcast spectrum.

FCC proposals cut red tape for mobile deployments, seek info on new advanced tech

The head of the Federal Communications Commission has floated a draft order that would "immediately and substantially" cut red tape associated with deploying wireless infrastructure. It was one of several new developments that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler wrote about in a blog post.

Spotlight: FirstNet board approves resolutions on budget, acquisition

During a Sept. 17 meeting, the First Responder Network Authority board, approved three resolutions that advance the program toward its roadmap milestones. 

Mobile broadband is fastest growing technology in human history, says new UN report

Released Sept. 21, the annual report provides an updated look at the state of global fixed and mobile broadband advancements regarding access and affordability. It also provides rankings and individual data on countries.

Federal spectrum reuse process 'creaky' says, FCC commissioner

A top federal communications regulator said the process to repurpose government spectrum for commercial purposes is too slow, calling for a new way to keep up with consumer demands for more wireless airwaves.