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Latest Headlines

APIs are king, says ODNI official

Application programming interfaces aren't the only the thing agencies should be focused on with mobility efforts, but they should be a core part of the approach, says Pamela Wise-Martinez, senior strategic enterprise architect at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Commerce secretary joins Instagram; DOI shares best practices for federal use

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker made her debut on Instagram Jan. 31, becoming the first cabinet official to have an account on the social media platform. The secretary's participation on the social platform is part of the department's efforts to increase digital engagement with consumers and businesses.

Marines demo ISR, social data delivery via handheld devices

A proliferation of sensors and concurrently-running systems in Naval expeditionary operations can overwhelm Marines on the front. The Office of Naval Research is trying to simplify and streamline data delivery with a program called Agile Bloodhound, a comprehensive solution that encompasses information architecture, content delivery and end point devices.

NYC brings accountability to open data, hopes to foster app development

Mobile app developers have been able to tap New York City's open data resources for some time, but the city's newly-released open data plan could expand and deepen the trove of government data at developers fingertips.

App testing and SDKs among new tools for government developers

The federal  Mobile Code Catalog, unveiled May 13 by the General Services Administration's digital services innovation center, continues to expand thanks to contributions of code from outside government, from other agencies and even other governments, says Mike Pulsifer, manager of web and mobile application development at the Labor Department's office of public affairs.

Telework enhances productivity, government panel says

Telework enhances worker productivity because there are fewer distractions than working in the office, panelists from a July 18 Center for Organizational Excellence webinar said. "Most of the time, our customers aren't aware where employees are working, which is good because it means employees are getting the job done," National Institutes of Health Associate Director for Administration Daniel Dupuis, said.

VA-DoD integrated health app coming, says VA official

The Veterans Affairs and Defense departments are working on a mobile application that will complement the integrated electronic health record, said Kathleen Frisbee, director of web and mobile solutions at VA.

White House shares API standards guide

"Before hands hit keyboards or anyone started writing any code, I think a number of people on our development team started thinking ahead to maintainability issues," said Bryan Hirsch, new media technologies tech lead in the Executive Office of the President.

DoD enlists hackers to develop nutrition app

In an effort help soldiers better manage their combat nutrition, the Defense Department will allow hackers to create apps that soldiers can use to interact with nutritional data in a mobile environment. The event, the DoD's first mobile web hackathon, runs between June 28 at 6 p.m. and June 29 at 7 p.m. onsite at Hack/Reduce, a non-profit created to cultivate a community of Big Data experts in Boston, Mass. Winners will be announced July 3.

DoD RFI seeks best ways to build a unified communications system

The Defense Department wants input from the private sector about the best methods and technologies to help the military create a unified communications system that connects a variety of systems such as mobile devices and collaboration software.