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Latest Headlines

DigitalGov posts tips for negotiating terms of service agreements for agency-built mobile apps

Coordination among the team, establishing timelines and collaborating with a larger mobile community are three essential tips for negotiating terms of service agreements when federal agencies are ready to launch their native mobile apps.

Public safety group advises states on how to fund Next Generation 911

States have several funding models at their disposal when planning how they will support the rollout of Next Generation 911 networks and services, according to the National Association of State 911 Administrators.

Efforts to beef up wireless workforce target veterans, other underserved groups

To help supply the demand for workers in the wireless industry, public- and private-sector entities are joining forces.

Joint NIST, NTIA program drawing industry to help test public safety communications network

More than three dozen telecommunications companies have signed up to participate in an independent test bed to evaluate advanced broadband equipment and software for first responders.

FirstNet helping to develop mobile communications systems as part of nationwide network

The organization building an interoperable broadband communications network for police, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders wants to develop mobile systems that would provide temporary coverage for emergency personnel when they're outside the network.

W3C prepping technical report on mobile accessibility

Digital content managers at federal agencies will soon have actionable best practices for making mobile information more accessible to persons with disabilities. The W3C, an international group that sets standards and guidance for accessible technology, as well as evaluation criteria for conformance, will build on a draft document published in February to create an informative technical report on mobile accessibility.

Mobile is enabling mission say DHS, HHS officials

Mobile technology is a critical tool for delivering citizen services at the Homeland Security and Health and Human Services departments, said federal officials.

Testing apps' usability doesn't have to cost a lot, says GSA

The government's need to offer mobile apps is obvious – as is the need to test their usability before agencies release them for public use. To make such studies easier and less expensive, the General Services Administration's DigitalGov team suggests a few methods.

DHS officials tout resilient communications, capabilities under proposed FirstNet system

For example, fast broadband connectivity will allow Customs and Border Protection agents to use the full range of capabilities offered by smartphones such as mission-critical apps, geospatial services and the ability take video and transmit it to central headquarters. 

User experience driving agencies' move to mobile

The Homeland Security Department's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is bringing a user-centered approach to its public interaction and, as a result, the agency has made recent strides in the mobile space.