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Latest Headlines

Governmentwide models, policy templates needed to advance federal mobility, says report

Agency mobility efforts would benefit from shared models and templates that are approved and endorsed by the federal chief information officer and CIO council, according to a whitepaper (pdf) published by the MITRE Corporation and the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center.

Medical supplies are just a text away with new Peace Corps app

A new mobile application will help Peace Corps volunteers keep medical supplies stocked and establish a more efficient resupply process for overseas medical staff. It was challenging for volunteers working in remote locations to request medical supplies and overseas medical staff were spending up to eight hours a week responding to requests via email, phone and text.

How two US agencies used responsive web design to improve mobile access to content

Two agencies  –  the Energy Department and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, or DFAS  –  recently presented a webinar showcasing their efforts in implementing a responsive web design and the difficulties they faced.

State Department takes internal networking, microblogging mobile

The State Department unveiled to its workforce Oct. 3 a mobile version of Corridor, the department's internal networking and microblogging tool. The move to help foreign affairs professionals better connect and collaborate via mobile is the latest step in what Eric Nelson, director of the State Department's office of eDiplomacy, describes as a march toward greater access to the department's information assets from mobile devices.

Air Force: 3 satellites expected to provide 'space neighborhood watch capability'

The Air Force plans to launch two operational satellites and one experimental one July 23 that could create a "space neighborhood watch capability," according to a press release.

23% of states haven't started FirstNet education, outreach

Nearly a quarter of states are not actively conducting outreach or education related to the implementation of the First Responder Network Authority, the program tasked with the development of a nationwide high-speed wireless broadband network for first responders.

NIST touts FirstNet technology transfer

Emergency service agencies nationwide are benefitting from its public safety broadband demonstration network because the use of proprietary systems and non-contiguous spectrum assignments have thus far prevented the standardization of nationwide public safety communications, said NIST.

Mobile tops FCC's IT modernization plan

Mobile is a core part of the Federal Communications Commission's mission, and now it's also a focus for its IT shop. With 40 percent of the agency's IT systems more than 10 years old, FCC Chief Information Officer David Bray is taking a targeted look at legacy sprawl.

APIs are king, says ODNI official

Application programming interfaces aren't the only the thing agencies should be focused on with mobility efforts, but they should be a core part of the approach, says Pamela Wise-Martinez, senior strategic enterprise architect at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Commerce secretary joins Instagram; DOI shares best practices for federal use

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker made her debut on Instagram Jan. 31, becoming the first cabinet official to have an account on the social media platform. The secretary's participation on the social platform is part of the department's efforts to increase digital engagement with consumers and businesses.