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Latest Headlines

Agencies see 24% wireless cost savings when using BPA, says GSA

The General Services Administration says agencies have cut wireless costs by almost a quarter by using Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative wireless blanket purchase agreements.

Half of young people text while driving at least a few times a week, paper says

Almost half of young people said they texted while driving at least a few times a week and believed that it was a means of sharing information and using time effectively, a January paper in the  Safety Science Journal  says.

Spotlight: FCC rule to improve tracking of indoor 911 cellphone calls

The Federal Communications Commission plans to establish interim indoor accuracy measurements for wireless carriers that would ensure public-safety answering points get approximate location information for wireless 911 calls placed from indoors.

EU moves toward common cellphone charger

Consumers weary of cycling through new chargers when they buy new mobile devices would have their burden lifted under legislation that overwhelmingly passed the European Parliament earlier this month.

mHealth reimbursement, app regulation need attention, says Brookings director

Mobile healthcare has come a long way in recent years, with more than 40 thousand mobile health applications on the market and 247 million downloads, but several policy challenges threaten mHealth innovation, says Darrell West, vice president and director of governance studies at the Brookings Institution's center for technology innovation.

Advocacy groups argue against warrantless cellphone searches in Supreme Court cases

A handful of advocacy groups called for the Supreme Court to require warrants before law enforcement can search the contents of cellphones in briefs filed this month.

Trends in global democracy, mobile and Internet access not aligned, says report

There's been an erosion of progress toward more democratic governance in the world, but at the same time global Internet and cellphone access has exploded, a Feb. 28 Brookings report says.

FCC pushes text-to-911, seeks public input

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking public comment on its proposed requirement for wireless carriers to provide text-to-911 services to the public by the end of the year.

CBP official: Don't get swept up in mobility fad

"What happens in government sometimes is we look out and we see what would in other days and times have been called fads, and mobility could be thought of as Pet Rocks, in a certain sense. And we feel we're behind, so we ask questions without necessarily having a use case for them," Mark Borkowski said during the AFCEA Homeland Security  Conference  March 10.

Texas court rules police need warrant to search cellphone after person is jailed

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled Feb. 25 that law enforcement needs a warrant to search the cellphone of someone who has been arrested and jailed.