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DHS funding development of smartphone 'brain chip' that learns user behavior, confirm identities

With $2.2 million in Homeland Security Department funding, Boeing is partnering with a software company to develop a smartphone "brain chip" to verify that the phone's owner is who they say they are.

ACLU urges Capitol Hill lawmakers, staff to use secure, encrypted communications apps, tools

For instance, the ACLU pointed out that encrypted smartphone apps like Signal and WhatsApp are free and easily downloadable from major app stores, while Apple has built encrypted voice, video and text communications apps into its operating system.

Public safety group advises states on how to fund Next Generation 911

States have several funding models at their disposal when planning how they will support the rollout of Next Generation 911 networks and services, according to the National Association of State 911 Administrators.

Federal law enforcement agents must now get warrant to use stingrays, new DOJ policy says

Stingrays or cell-site simulators are devices that impersonate cellphone towers to pinpoint a cellphone's location. While the department maintained that the technology is critical for certain investigations, the new "enhanced policy" marks a significant shift for the agency.  

FAA, MITRE hope mobile app can help address general aviation safety issues in long run

In the past year, only a couple of hundred users have downloaded a prototype of a free mobile device app that's designed to help private aircraft pilots record digital flight data with the aim of improving safety. But the app's developer said it gives federal regulators a start to better address general aviation safety issues.

DHS awards $10.4M to companies, universities to research, enhance mobile device security

The department's Science and Technology Directorate said the awards will focus on four technical areas, including mobile device instrumentation, mobile security management tools, transactional security methods, and mobile device layer protection.

10 mobile tools that will bring the post office to the phone, according to the USPS OIG

In anticipation of a second wave of digital disruption, the U.S. Postal Service's Inspector General released a report outlining 10 mobile-focused efforts that the agency could utilize to better "equip people with a post office on their phone" and prevent competitors from gaining footholds in the space.

Default smartphone encryption would deter thefts of millions of devices, privacy expert says

Kevin Bankston, director of New America's Open Technology Institute, called smartphone theft a "criminal epidemic," in which there were 3.1 million victims in 2013, nearly double from the prior year.

36% of US smartphone owners use mobile messaging apps

Standard cellphone text messaging could soon give way to newer mobile messaging apps, according to a new survey from Pew Research Center that reveals surprisingly high adoption rates. Thirty-six...

State Dept. looks to industry for full-service mobile device, cellular program

The State Department's bureau of information resource management is exploring how an industry partner could help it better issue and manage its mobile devices and cellular services.