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Latest Headlines

FAA warns drone operators not to interfere with efforts to fight wildfires else face penalties

This summer, firefighters in California were about to drop fire retardant from low-flying aircraft on a fire burning thousands of acres of wildlands in the San Bernardino Mountains when they saw a small drone flying between two of the planes. Because of this, officials had to ground their aircrafts.

IRS chief should step down, say House Oversight Committee Republicans

Republican members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are calling for President Obama to fire the head of the Internal Revenue Service for failing to produce documents related to political targeting.

DOJ indicts VA medical center exec with falsifying records

A Veteran's Affairs Department employee from a Georgia medical center has been charged with falsifying medical records in relation to last year's wait list scandal.

GAO commends DoD for delaying launch of new facility modernization cost estimate model

The Defense Department made the right decision to not implement an important model for estimating costs of DoD facilities because it wasn't reliable, says a July 27 Government Accountability Office report.

DHS awards $2.9M, 30-month contract to small company to help ID mobile app vulnerabilities

DHS's Science and Technology Directorate leader, Reginald Brothers, said ensuring that mobile applications are secure across the federal government is a priority and the project will help do that. Capabilities will be extended to first responders, as well.

Experts: Feds not doing enough to protect US power grid from disruptive solar flares, EMPs

Two billion dollars would be required to protect the electric grid from threats including naturally occurring EMPs, radio-frequency weapons, cyber bugs and hacking, physical sabotage and severe weather, and $10 billion to $20 billion would be needed to protect "all critical infrastructures."

IRS management isn't monitoring how employees audit tax-exempt organizations

The Internal Revenue Service doesn't monitor how its employees select tax-exempt organizations for audits, says July 23 Government Accountability Office testimony.

Marine Corps only branch that responds to servicemembers' religious requests in timely manner, IG says

The Marine Corps was the only service to make timely decisions on religious requests made by military members, says a July 22 DoD inspector general report.

Army Corps of Engineers needs stable funding to address climate change impacts, GAO says

From 2010 through 2014, there were 49 extreme weather events with losses exceeding $1 billion. And, without performing risk assessments before an extreme weather event, the corps will continue to take a piecemeal approach.

GAO: State Dept. should assess countering extremist violence program to gauge impact

Such an evaluation would help the department's counterterrorism bureau ensure accountability, better measure the program's impact and effectiveness, and shape future programming decisions, but it's been postponed since 2012.