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Latest Headlines

Senate Committee bill would require random security clearance audits

A Senate panel passed a bill Wednesday that would require random audits for those holding security clearances at agencies. The bill (S.1618), sponsored by  Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine), Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), would require that everyone with a security clearance would get audited randomly twice over a five year period.

DHS official says reports that portable radiation detectors will cost $1M apiece are wrong

The head of the Homeland Security Department's office charged with preventing nuclear terrorism said a recently issued solicitation is not looking to purchase portable radiation detection devices that will cost up to a $1 million apiece.

USDA data network vulnerable due to lack of security and oversight

Inadequate security protections of a new U.S. Department of Agriculture computer network could result in a data breach and loss, according to a new internal audit, which also found that the project's prime contractor even under- and overbilled the department for services.

GAO: Troubled rollout due to poor planning and oversight

Poor planning and oversight led to significant cost increases, schedule delays and flawed functionality of the federal website and systems that is the centerpiece of the president's healthcare program, congressional investigators said in a new report released July 30.

House passes bill designed to improve data security for federal web sites

The House has passed a bill requiring any new federal website that collects personal data to be certified as functional and secure prior to launch.

FTC recommends steps to prevent unnecessary charges on consumer mobile phone bills

Through cramming, customers are charged for goods and services provided by third-party merchants. Sometimes these are legitimate add-on third party charges such as charitable contributions. However, a new Federatl Trade Commission report notes that other charges may be added illegally by scammers.

IG uncovers substantial waste at USPTO, says paralegals 'paid to do nothing'

The Commerce Department's inspector general began its investigation nearly a year ago after it received anonymous whistleblower allegations that paralegals with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, or PTAB, within the U.S. PTO had insufficient workloads and instead used that time to surf the Internet, watch TV and do other personal activities.

Bipartisan VA bill would make it easier to fire VA senior execs

House and Senate lawmakers reached agreement on a $17 billion Veterans Affairs Department reform bill that would make it easier to fire VA senior executives. The legislation would give the VA secretary the authority to immediately remove an incompetent senior executive based on poor job performance, a July 28 statement from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who led the negotiations for the Senate. But it also affords that senior executive a 21-day period to file an appeal.

IG: EPA's Water Office did not have proper oversight of cloud computing activities

The report noted that the agency did not know when its offices were using cloud computing capabilities nor could the EPA provide evidence that it could access contractor's cloud networks for auditing and investigative purposes.

GAO: DoD houses 80,000 tax delinquent employees, contractors with security clearance

More than 80,000 Defense Department employees and contractors with security clearance owe back taxes, a June 28 Government Accountability Office report says. GAO found that about 83,000 DoD employees and contractors who held or were determined eligible for secret, top secret, or sensitive compartmented information clearances had unpaid federal tax debt totaling more than $730 million as of June 30, 2012, the report says.