Mobile phone ownership surges in sub-Saharan African countries, new Pew Research report finds

About two-thirds or more surveyed in seven African countries said they owned a mobile phone with South Africa and Nigeria ranking highest in ownership – with nine in 10 owning a phone.

New feature on FEMA mobile app lets users get weather alerts for up to 5 locations

The weather alert feature expands the app's existing functionality, which includes a customizable checklist of emergency supplies, maps that display shelters and disaster recovery centers, and safety tips for surviving disasters.

Law enforcement adoption of GIS mobile apps largely determined by expectations, finds study

If you build it, law enforcement officers will come – or rather, they'll come if they think they will do their jobs better. That's the result of a study by the National Institute of Justice, which developed, implemented and evaluated a geographic information system-enabled application that dynamically identifies the location of persons of interest.

Army seeks 'radio marketplace'

Vendors will compete for orders for the full rate production of Manpack radios in a "radio marketplace" that the Army seeks to create.

USGS-led study: Smartphones can create crowdsourced earthquake warning systems

Researchers tested whether a crowdsourced early earthquake warning system would work with a simulated magnitude 7 earthquake and used real data from the 2011 magnitude 9 earthquake in Tohoku-oki, Japan. 

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Advertising mail delivered right to a recipient's door generates higher "read and response" rates than advertising mail delivered in other ways, says an April 20 Postal Service Inspector General report.


The services are responsible for fourt-fifths of the Defense Department's $98 billion in secondary item excess inventory, which includes spare parts that can be repaired and reused and other supplies needed to maintain military equipment.