House panel white paper seeks feedback on federal telecommunications subsidy program

The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently released a fifth white paper designed to spur discussion around the structure and effectiveness of the Universal Service Fund, a program that provides affordable telecommunications service to people in rural areas and others.

Reddit users respond to congresswoman's contest to rebrand 'net neutrality'

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) said the Reddit contest will bring some clarity to a confusing legal debate before the Federal Communications Commission finalizes its proposed net neutrality rules.

US senator backs expected DOT proposal to ban in-flight cell phone calls

A U.S. senator said Aug. 25 that cell phone conversations on commercial airline flights should be banned to preserve the "last vestige of quiet in our busy skies," but text messages should be permitted.

California governor signs smartphone kill switch bill into law

California on Aug. 25 became the first state to require that all smartphones sold there come pre-equipped with theft deterrent technology.

NIST wants to give organizations a leg up on mobile app security

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is seeking public input on a draft guide to help organizations use mobile apps while managing associated security vulnerabilities and risks.


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House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) blasted the Labor Department over what he calls wasteful spending on promoting the agency. Issa wants the DOL to hand over documents and information related to agency spending and claims he has information that the DOL spent $600,000 on informational elevator posters, $25,000 in entry fees for public relations contests and $100,000 to promote a book club.


Nearly half of middle-class military families are worried about their job and financial security, a recently released survey by First Command Financial Services says. About 46 percent of military families making at least $50,000 a year said they were concerned about job security.