T-Mobile agrees to $90M settlement over federal mobile cramming allegations

Federal officials alleged that the company charged customers millions of dollars for third-party subscriptions or services such as horoscopes, love tips and celebrity gossip that they never ordered or authorized. 

Iowa government to adopt mobile-based driver's license

In 2015, the Iowa Department of Transportation will allow residents to use a mobile-based digital driver's license as an official driver's license. Rather than using a physical identification card, Iowa law enforcement plan to accept a smartphone app during traffic stops.

CFPB sues Sprint for alleged unauthorized charges

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against Sprint for allegedly illegally billing its wireless customers tens of millions of dollars through third-party charges, says a Dec. 17 CFPB statement. The CFPB alleges that Sprint allowed third parties to put unauthorized charges on the accounts of mobile phone users.

Spotlight: DOT unveils sober ride mobile app

The Transportation Department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration unveiled Dec. 16 a mobile application to help people who have been drinking get a safe ride home. The app allows...

New bill would prevent federal mandates to build backdoors into US software, hardware

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) recently introduced legislation that would prohibit any federal requirement to build backdoors or security vulnerabilities into American software and hardware products. The bill addresses U.S. government's secret phone and Internet surveillance efforts.


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Pew polled more than 2,500 respondents described as technology builders, analysts, researchers, policymakers, managers and marketers regarding the development of a "trusted privacy-rights infrastructure" that fosters innovation and monetization, while still allowing people to protect personal information through easy-to-use formats.  


Agencies are meeting governmentwide performance goals that President Obama set nearly a year ago, said the Office of Management and Budget in a Dec. 18 OMB blog post. In his fiscal 2015 budget request earlier this year, Obama established 15 new Cross-Agency Priority goals meant to improve agency performance governmentwide.