Mobile app exploits Chilean public transit payment system

The Chilean government has blocked some 18,000 public transportation cards after detecting that transit users fraudulently added money to the cards with an Android-based application.

More Americans use mobile for previously PC-based tasks, report finds

Americans are turning more frequently to mobile devices to perform activities they used to rely on desktop and laptop computers for, according to a new report.

FCC needs to do more work on text-to-911, trade group says

A Federal Communications Commission proposal to make it easier for people to text emergencies to 911 call centers earned support from the Telecommunications Industry Association, but also warnings.

How two US agencies used responsive web design to improve mobile access to content

Two agencies – the Energy Department and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, or DFAS – recently presented a webinar showcasing their efforts in implementing a responsive web design and the difficulties they faced.

Are you safe during a disaster? New Facebook tool finds out and lets friends know

When the "Safety Check" tool is activated, Facebook will send a push notification asking users in an affected area about their status. It will know where users are depending on the city listed in their profile, their last location if indicated and the city where they're using the Internet.


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The Customs and Border Protection agency and Mexico's Tax Administration Service last week signed a deal to accelerate trade across the border.


The National Institute of Standards and technology Oct. 21 published a final version of its U.S. Government Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap (pdf).