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David Perera is executive editor of the FierceMarkets Government Group, which includes FierceGovernment, FierceGovernmentIT, FierceHomelandSecurity, and FierceMobileGovernment. He has reported on all things federal since January 2004 and is co-author of Inside Guide to the Federal IT Market, a book published in October 2012. Based in greater-metro Washington, D.C., Dave can be reached here and can be found on LinkedIn or here. Tweeting at @daveperera.

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USDA reaps iPad data collection savings

In retrospect, the business case for Agriculture Department effort to deploy iPads to field workers conducting surveys for the National Agriculture Statistics Service may seem obvious--but it wasn't so at the time, said Pam Hird, project manager of the Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing project at the statistical service.

Acting VA CIO: No BYOD until legal issue resolved

The unanswered legal question of whether departmental auditors or the office of general counsel can confiscate personal mobile devices and access personal information during the course of an investigation is a major obstacle to bring-your-own-device at the Veterans Affairs Department, said Acting Chief Information Officer Stephen Warren during a March 27 phone call with reporters.

U.K. information commissioner warns about BYOD compliance with data protection law

The Data Protection Act of 1998 requires data controllers to comply with eight principles of personal information, such as that it is used for limited purposes and is secure. BYOD complicates compliance with the act, since work data on personal devices are still subject to it, but employers do not own the device itself.

Obama administration touts DARPA radar spectrum sharing research effort

Obama administration officials say they see promise in a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency effort to fund research into spectrum sharing mechanisms that would allow radar and communication signals to co-exist within the same band.

Pew: Tweets not a reliable indicator of public opinion

Those looking for the unadulterated voice of the American people in social media may be disappointed to find that the reaction on Twitter to major political events or policy decisions often differ greatly from public opinion survey results.

Market failure behind ineffective receivers

Increasing demands on spectrum use has turned attention toward receiver performance, but the Federal Communications Commission lacks authority to impose receiver performance regulations for anything other than home electronics and the private sector oftentimes lacks incentive to improve performance, says the Government Accountability Office.

NTIA clears path for spectrum sharing in weather satellite downlink band

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration says it reaffirms an earlier conclusion, although through a different methodology, that government-licensed spectrum in the 1695-1710 megahertz band can be shared with wireless broadband commercial operators.

Mobile apps give federal agencies chance to not always be so serious

Washington, D.C. is a serious place. Or at least, a self-important one. And in this the executive branch is probably the most at fault--anytime it speaks, it knows its audience is potentially the...

NLM seeks social media data mining tool

In a Feb. 11 solicitation, the library says its wants software that would canvas Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites – "with full respect for privacy rights of those who created the social media entries" – for things such as the relative frequency NLM resources get mentioned.

Imagine...a world with no data plan

Alas, it was too good to be true: The Washington Post report that the federal government wants to free up spectrum for creation of super Wi-Fi networks across the nation, "so powerful and broad in reach that consumers could use them to make calls or surf the Internet without paying a cellphone bill every month."